Brandenburger Tor

Come and study in Germany!

It is much easier than you think.

We provide the best pathway to the German higher education.

If you are high-school graduate, who has basic knowledge of English or German and plan to pursue your studies outside of the home country, Germany can be a perfect choice for you. Through the distinct academic programs German Universities provide top quality and yet free education. 

Even you have graduated from secondary school in a country outside of Europe, Wildau Foundation Year (WFY) can ease your way to the degree programs and help to enter the German academic world.

Wildau Foundation Year program includes:

Academic Integration

  • German and English language preparation
  • Technical and colloquial German with focus on technology, business and informatics
  • German language Exam for higher education (DSH exam)
  • Academic reading and writing
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Cross-cultural training

Social Integration

  • joint activities of international and German students 
  • support in accommodation to a new environment 
  • individual supervision over integration and learning process

After a successful graduation from the Wildau Foundation Year program you will receive the graduation certificate and will be admitted to Wildau University or one of the cooperating universities to pursue a Bachelor degree in the selected field of study.

It is a great offer, come and see what Wildau offers You!